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Exa Simulation Software Videos

Exa Simulation Software Videos

Browse Exa’s library of simulation software videos for a range of industries and organizations worldwide.



MMC Pikes Peak 2014MMC Pikes Peak 2014


Automotive Transient Slice ModelingAutomotive Transient Slice Modeling

Jaguar Land Rover XE

Truck Aerodynamic Efficiency

OEM Suppliers & Simulation-Driven Design

Value of Simulation & Engineering Design

Simulation via The Cloud




Noise and Vibration Animation with Tesla CarExa/SAE Noise and Vibration Animation with Tesla car

Exhaust Fan Noise​Exhaust Fan Noise

FAN 2015 Presentation

CFD/CAA Simulation of An Airplane

Simulation of Aircraft Turbine

Transient Simulation of Landing GearTransient Simulation of Landing Gear

Acoustic Landing Gear Simulation

Aeroacoustic Simulation of Airframe Noise


Cooling Fan Noise SimulationCooling Fan Noise Simulation Video

Aeroacoustics Fan Noise SimulationAeroacoustics Fan Noise Simulation Video

Noise Sourcing Using PowerACOUSTICS

Bringing Automation to Vehicle Design 

Automotive Industry


Optimizing Automotive Design With ExaAutomotive Simulation

Helping Engineers Meet Performance TargetsAutomotive Simulation Helps Engineers

How Jaguar Land Rover Leveraged Exa's CFD TechnologyJaguar and Exa Partnership

How Jaguar Land Rover Uses Engineering Simulation

Improving Engineering Communication

The Future of Immersive Simulation Technology  

4 Key Problems Facing Aerodynamic Engineers


Exa corporation


The Team Behind Exa's Simulation SoftwareExa's Simulation Software Team


thermal management


Automotive Thermal Key-Off SoakAutomotive Thermal Key-Off Soak

SAME Deutz-Fahr Thermal Simulation SAME Deutz-Fahr Thermal Simulation Using Exa PowerFLOW & PowerTHERM

Thermal Simulation For Off-Highway Equipment


climate control


Defrost/Demist VideoDefrost/Demist Video

HVAC Noise HVAC Noise

Cooling Fan NoiseCooling Fan Noise



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