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The Country Caller - Exa Corporation’s executive shares his view on the Model 3’s design and aerodynamics

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Chief Elon Musk said during the Model 3 unveiling that the $35,000 vehicle will be able to travel at least 215  miles on a fully charged battery. Earlier this week, the company’s VP of Investor Relations Jeff Evanson confirmed that the automaker will be using a battery pack of smaller than 60kWh.  

JALOPNIK - Here's How Tesla Is Designing The Model 3 To Be The Most Aerodynamic Car Ever Made

Shortly after the unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3 earlier this month, Elon Musktook to Twitter in a storm of information about the new car, mentioning that the target drag coefficient was 0.21. If that target makes it to production, it would make the Model 3 the most aerodynamic high-volume production car ever made. Here’s the plan to do it.

Car and Driver - Beyond the Wind Tunnel: How Automakers Are Maximizing Vehicle-Efficiency Virtually

A few years ago, when Jaguar engineers commenced work on the recently introduced XE small sedan, they took what then seemed like a risky break from normal practice. Instead of building full-size clay models to develop the XE’s exterior details in a wind tunnel, they took a chance on a technology called Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This enabled faster and less expensive development using digital simulation models instead of traditional physical prototypes. And a better chance of beating the class-leading BMW 3-series aerodynamic performance.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering - Evaluating thermal design of construction vehicles

Design and evaluatin of construction equipment and vehicles constitute a very important but expensive and time-consuming part of the engineering process, due to a large number of prototype variants and low production volumes associated with each variant.

Engineers from Exa Corporation and Charles Machine Works collaborated to investigate an alternative approach to hardware testing. Because of the enormity and complexity of the vehicle design process for off-highway vehicles, the researchers limited the scope of their current study to thermal evaluation of vehicle components only.

RaceXpress - Onroak Automotive on track with new LMP2 car: Aerodynamics cruicial

Vanaf 2017 is Onroak Automotive een van de fabrikanten, die LMP2-bolides mogen leveren. Inmiddels heeft het Franse merk de eerste test van het nieuwe prototype in de windtunnel achter de rug. Tevens heeft de fabrikant de naam bekend gemaakt van de auto die volgend jaar op het circuit te bewonderen is. De nieuwe bolide krijgt de naam Ligier JS P217. Deze nieuwe auto wordt in samenwerking met EXA, waarmee Onroak Automotive ook de Ligier JS P3 heeft ontwikkeld, gemaakt. - Onroak Begins Wind Tunnel Testing of 2017 LMP2 Car

Onroak Automotive is carrying out a series of preliminary wind tunnel tests on its 2017-spec LMP2 car.

The new model has been named the Ligier JS P217, which continues the legacy of the late influential car builder Guy Ligier and his former racing team-mate Jo Schlesser.

The first stages of development focusing on CFD computer design have been completed, creating the first visual representation of the new coupe.

Sportscar 365 - Onroak Confirms 2017 LMP2 Car Name, Begins Wind Tunnel Testing

Onroak Automotive has confirmed the name of its 2017-spec LMP2 car as the Ligier JS P217, with wind tunnel testing already underway for the new-generation prototype that will debut in next year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona.

The French constructor, under the direction of Nicolas Clémençon, has started wind tunnel testing with a 40 percent scale model of the car.

It comes following the initial design and development phase, in collaboration with EXA, the same company Onroak worked with on the design of the Ligier JS P3. - Onroak Automotive Wind Tunnel for the News Ligier JS P217

Onroak Automotive, retenu comme constructeur des châssis LMP2 à partir de 2017 tout comme Dallara, Riley/Multimatic et Oreca, a fourni quelques précisions à propos de son projet.

La future LMP2 s’appellera JS P217. Les initiales JS font toujours référence à Jo Schlesser, l’ami et complice de Guy Ligier dont toutes les voitures ont porté ces initiales, P2 faisant bien sûr référence à la catégorie  et 17 pour l’année des débuts du prototype.

Automoto newsinfo - The Future of the 2017 LMP2 Ligier called JSP217, Wind Tunnel

On connait désormais l’identification de la nouvelle et future Ligier de la catégorie LMP2 qui devrait débuter en compétition au début de la saison 2017, année ou la nouvelle réglementation entrera en vigueur.

La société, qui appartient à l’homme d’affaires Jacques Nicolet, Onroak Automotive, étudie actuellement en soufflerie cette  nouvelle Ligier JS P217