WEBINAR | Vehicle Climate System Design

Electric vehicle range is limited by a surprising source: climate control systems. As one of the biggest onboard consumers of battery power, a vehicle’s climate control system can create a drop of 40% or more in EV range during extreme temperatures.

So how does EV engineering develop new solutions to overcome this challenge? VIEW THE WEBINAR REPLAY, Climate Control Design for Electric Vehicles, to learn how digital simulation with Exa’s SIMULIA's PowerFLOW suite helps engineering teams to:

•                Maximize HVAC system efficiency;

•                Improve cabin design to prevent energy loss;

•                Evaluate new, more energy-conscious solutions to achieve human comfort; and

•                Meet regulatory requirements for defrost/demist with minimum energy consumption.

Learn how OEMs are addressing these and other climate system challenges in electric and autonomous vehicle design – like cooling on-board electronics, designing for new interior layouts, and overcoming intensifying market competition.