WEBINAR | Brake Cooling

Simulation-Driven Design for Better Brake Cooling

Brake cooling is a top safety concern during new vehicle design. Because it relies on many other characteristics –aerodynamic design, brake materials, and even tires and rims – verifying brake cooling system effectiveness requires evaluating a vehicle’s complete geometry.

But traditional prototype testing can’t re-create all of the conditions brakes are subject to every day: long thermal soaks, grueling cycles of acceleration and hard stops, and the environmental effects of dirt, dust, water, and wind. And when prototype tests do uncover a failure, changing the design at this late stage can incur substantial costs and delays.

Full vehicle simulation changes all that. View the replay, Simulation-Driven Design for Better Brake Cooling, to learn how simulation with SIMULIA PowerFLOW can overcome the challenges of prototype testing by introducing the early, design-stage evaluation of:

  • Transients like thermal soak and drive cycles
  • The effects of airflow throughout the system
  • The impacts of wind, dirt, brake dust and water
  • Root causes of issues and possible design improvements
  • Tradeoffs among cooling needs and other design targets



Brake Cooling

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