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The Simulation of Brake Dust Deposition: Exa and JLR – 2010 

Abstract: The application of brakes on a vehicle leads to the generation of a cloud of heated particles ejected from brake discs and pads, which can be entrained by the flow around the wheels and deposited on their surfaces. Under some circumstances, this may be considered inconvenient or unsightly.

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Insights into Rear Surface Contamination Using Simulation of Road Spray and Aerodynamics: Exa and JLR – 2014.

Abstract: Contamination of vehicle rear surfaces is a significant issue for customers. Along with being unsightly, it can degrade the performance of rear camera systems and lighting, prematurely wear rear screens and wipers, and transfer soil to customers moving goods through the rear tailgate.

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Application of CFD to Predict Brake Disc Contamination in Wet Conditions: Exa and JLR – 2016.

Abstract: Brake disc materials are being utilised that have low noise/dust properties, but are sensitive to contamination by surface water. This drives large dust shields, making brake cooling increasingly difficult. 

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CFD Water Management Design for a Passenger Coach with Correlation: Exa and Prevost – 2016. 

Abstract: Side window clarity and its effect on side mirror visibility plays a major role in driver comfort. Driving in inclement weather conditions such as rain can be stressful, and having optimal visibility under these conditions is ideal.

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Dirt & Water Deposition

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