Train Acoustic Noise Sourcing Using PowerACOUSTICS

Train Acoustic Noise Sourcing Using PowerACOUSTICS

Rail Industry Acoustics

Trains are part of the modern landscape. They roll through cities and towns, run behind people’s homes, across busy streets and near businesses. As a result, in the design and building of a high-speed train, one of the key design considerations is community noise. It’s not just a “nice-to-have” either, in most areas community noise is a regulated issue.

In order to sufficiently mitigate issues, noise impacts must be identified and accounted for early on in the design process. Much like  aerospace product engineering and design, traditional methods such as full-scale prototypes are cost-prohibitive and inefficient.

Watch this video to see how Exa’s PowerACOUSTICS, an integral part of our train simulation software, provides acoustic evaluation and diagnostic tools to overcome this challenge. Simulation-driven design visualizes acoustic impacts and provides insights to help guide the design process.

In addition, Exa’s simulation solution creates a flow-induced noise detection analysis (FIND) that provides visual insights on noise sources and guides the design. Exa’s simulation-driven process provides accurate pantograph noise prediction, as well as noise source identification.

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