The Team Behind Exa’s Simulation Software

The Team Behind Exa’s Simulation Software 

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Simulation software as complex and dynamic as Exa’s requires a team that has a breadth and depth of expertise. Exa’s software development team has both.

In this video, Jamie Hoch, Senior Vice President of Software Development, offers an overview of the team behind Exa’s simulation software suite. Our software team is organized as small groups, each one focused on one module of the software suite. Each one of these groups has expertise in a particular discipline.

“Across our group, we have very deep expertise in software disciplines, such as computational geometry, parallel computing, visualization, graphics, CFD, signal processing,” say Hoch. Together, these groups produce the world-class software that spans all these disciplines. “I’m very proud of the team we’ve put together and the talent we have in a modest organization of our size.”

Exa’s simulation software is used to solve complex and challenging simulation problems. “Our customers are always pushing our software in terms of performance algorithms, memory and sheer problem size,” says Hoch. This, in turn, pushes Exa’s development team to constantly improve and advance in their various disciplines.

Seventy-five percent of Exa’s software development team has advanced degrees, with fifty percent holding a doctorate degree. Additionally, Exa’s developers have longevity with the company, many of them have worked on Exa’s product for more than a decade. “We have a wealthy repository of experience among the team,” Hoch notes. 

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