How Exa's Simulation Software Helps Automotive Engineers Meet Performance Targets

How Exa's Simulation Software Helps Automotive Engineers Meet Performance Targets 

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Adopting optimization solutions is critical to meeting the challenges of the automotive engineering industry. Using simulation-driven design, engineers are able to find the best solution across multiple disciplines and attributes.

In this video, Dr. Andrea Shestopolov discusses how the automotive industry’s increasing regulations can’t be met by changing one to design elements at a time. Engineers need to understand and analyze how design changes interact with each other, as well as impact flow structure and overall vehicle performance.

“There is a need for statistics based optimization approach to get it to the next level of performance targets,” Shestopolov says.

Cross discipline optimization – aerodynamics and thermodynamics, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, etc. – is necessary because what optimizes one area could negatively impact other areas. Using Exa’s optimization tools, each optimization can be analyzed across these disciplines at the same time. This process mitigates problems further downstream in the design process.

Watch the full video to find out more about how Exa’s optimization solution can help meet the increasing regulations and performance targets for automobile design engineering. 

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