Optimize Car Designs With Simulation Software Video

Optimize Car Designs With Simulation Software Video 

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Automotive design is progressing at a much faster rate than ever before, driven in large part by increasing regulations on emissions and fuel economy, as well as consumer demands. The traditional way of optimizing design – changing one or two design elements with each iteration – no longer is an efficient or economical solution. 

In this video, Dr. Andrea Shestopolov, Exa’s Director of Optimization, explains how simulation-driven design permits for optimization to take place at a much faster rate and allows for not only a solution to be found for a design challenge, but the right solution.

“We’re not just looking to design a better car, we’re looking to change the way cars are designed and get more information from the design process,” Shestopolov says.

Exa’s integrated optimization suite make it possible to understand what changes on a vehicle make a difference and why.

For example, PowerDELTA provides production quality morphing to easily augment vehicle geometry to test new variuibs, PowerINSIGHT and PowerREALITY offers flow visualization and realistic rendering of vehicle simulation results.

Exa product developers have spent a lot of time enabling Exa’s products to be easily integrated into third-party optimization tools. — creating a seamless, easy-to-use, automated process.

Watch the full video to find out how Exa’s technology can make a difference in the automotive design process and result in better vehicles on the road. 

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