How Jaguar Land Rover Leveraged Exa’s CFD Technology

How Jaguar Land Rover Leveraged Exa’s CFD Technology 

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Major automobile manufacturers are somewhat steering away from traditional engineering and design tools and processes in order to more effectively and economically produce better cars. Among them is Jaguar Land Rover, which uses Exa’s simulation tools and CFD technology in the development of the aerodynamic properties of their vehicles.

Watch this video to see how Jaguar Land Rover leverages Exa’s technology to achieve “perfect lift balance” on the latest Jaguar F-Pace model. Mark Stanton, Director of Special Vehicle Operations at Jaguar Land Rover, explains this balance was an important piece to the design of the SUV because it contributes to the sporty driving experience of the vehicle.

Additionally, Jaguar Land Rover used Exa’s PowerFLOW to improve the aerodynamic drag on the vehicle. Within Exa aerodynamic solution, panels were designed and tested. These are used to turn the air flow around the front corner of the vehicle in order to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.

“All of this was done in the virtual world before we ever had any physical properties. We only really validated that with a physical property right at the end of the process as we have all the confidence in those virtual tools,” says Stanton.

With Exa’s CFD technology Jaguar Land Rover was able to save time and money within the design process while ultimately producing a better vehicle to take to market. 

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