How Jaguar Land Rover Uses Engineering Simulation Video

How Jaguar Land Rover Uses Engineering Simulation Video 

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In the last year, Jaguar Land Rover engineering team logged 36 million hours of CPU time using Exa’s engineering simulation software. That’s the equivalent of 7,000 physical wind tunnel tests!

In this video, Mark Stanton, Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Special Vehicle Operations, discusses how – and why – the automaker is using engineering simulation to change the way they design and build cars.

Incorporating virtual engineering and simulation into the process early on is improving the quality and delivery of the automaker’s projects and programs, Stanton attests. Exa’s engineering software is part of what Stanton calls a “left shift” for the engineering department – and names virtual engineering a key part of the overall effort.

Engineering simulation is enabling Jaguar Land Rover to validate far earlier in the process (in comparison to previous methods) if all requirements have been met for the program. Ensuring quality is baked into the design from the beginning has two benefits. First, it saves the often costly expense of last minute changes. Secondly, but more importantly, last minute changes can be rushed and result in poor quality out in the marketplace, ultimately affecting customers. Exa’s software is key to managing the complex process of engineering vehicles more efficiently and effectively.  

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