CFD Simulation Improves Engineering Communication

CFD Simulation Improves Engineering Communication

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Virtually engineering a vehicle is a feat that combines physics, mathematics and design. It takes a team of smart, talented people to engineer, design and build a quality automobile. However, everyone has different skills and talents and it’s not always easy for concepts to be communicated across departments and to management.

According to Jaguar Land Rover’s Mark Stanton, Exa’s aerodynamic flow visualization has helped him and his team immensely as they work through issues and solve problems.

In this video, he describes how one of the most helpful attributes of Exa’s PowerFLOW simulation software is the ability to visualize the flow around the vehicle. PowerFLOW accurately predicts real world conditions and produces an interactive aerodynamic simulation. Even non-experts can interact and understand what’s going on aerodynamically with the visualization of flow, Stanton says.

From a management perspective, Stanton explains this has helped him and his team address problems with the vehicle quickly and maximize the quality and performance of the vehicle.

In addition to aerodynamic visualizations, Exa’s simulation software solutions can also evaluate and visualize flow for aeroacoustics (PowerACOUSTICS) and thermal management (PowerTHERM). 


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