Aeroacoustics Fan Noise Simulation Video

Aeroacoustics Fan Noise Simulation Video  

Acoustics Applications Video

Automobile companies have been challenged to evaluate aeroacoustic performance with traditional testing methods. Noise feedback can’t be reliably predicted using such traditional testing tools, often not representative of a real product integration.

The video shows the challenges surrounding engine cooling fan noise. Multiple variables contribute to overall acoustics and traditional experimental methods struggle to incorporate them all to achieve reliable noise levels predictions.

With Exa’s PowerFLOW and PowerACOUSTICS, automobile designers and engineers are able to accurately assess noise performance/levels/generation and provide reliable airflow predictions (necessary for aeroacoustics accuracy). Watch this video to see a slow motion visualization of fan-generated acoustic waves generation and propagation as simulated by PowerFLOW.

Used in tandem, these two products allow designers and engineers to evaluate both baseline designs and variants incorporating design optimizations to mitigate noise. The video walks through how designers can examine the PowerFLOW-simulated turbulent vortices in the baseline design and gain insights on how to modify the design to minimize noise generation and enhance acoustic performance.

When this simulation-driven design process is incorporated early on in the product development program, higher quality design is enabled and noise targets are more easily achieved, while preventing costly late stage design failures.

Watch the full video to see how PowerFLOW and PowerACOUSTICS can assist in mitigating noise issues generated by cooling fans and airflow.  

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