4 Key Problems Facing Aerodynamic Engineers

4 Key Problems Facing Aerodynamic Engineers

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In this video, Exa’s Director of Aerodynamics Brad Duncan, explains the key problems facing today’s aerodynamic engineers and automobile OEMs in general. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Improve Fuel Efficiency: Aerodynamic engineers are under pressure from government mandates, as well as consumer demands, to design vehicles that are fuel efficient. However, fuel efficiency cannot come at the expense of equally important design elements. Finding a balance between fuel efficiency and other competing demands is a challenge.
  2. Design a Market-Ready Vehicle: Better fuel efficiency cannot come at the cost of safety standards, interior room or aesthetics, which are all design attributes consumers demand. Aerodynamic engineers have the challenge of meeting the design constraints, meeting fuel efficiency goals, and achieving aerodynamic performance.
  3. Vehicle Model Options Increasing: Today’s car buyers are fragmented so automobile OEMs are designing and manufacturing more body style options per model. This has further complicated the job of aerodynamic engineers simply because there are more vehicles that need to be optimized.
  4. Traditional Build & Test Model Doesn’t Work: In today’s highly competitive market, there’s not enough time or money to continue design work with the traditional build and test model process. Finding an alternative that’s as effective – is essential.

Simulation software and optimization, like Exa’s PowerFLOW, addresses these growing challenges facing aerodynamic engineers providing a much quicker time-to-market and allows engineers to optimize across disciplines to design a better all-around vehicle.

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