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Desktop Engineering - The Sky is the Limit for Cloud Computing

If you’ve ever submitted a batch job to a remote computer across a building or across the country, you’ve worked with a variation of cloud computing. Shared hardware has made sense for more than 50 years and it still does; we have moved well past the why and onto exploring the how, but sometimes the “how” can seem dull. Is the decision now more like choosing between cable or dish TV? Are cloud resources just repackaging or is there really value added? What are the different business models for accessing high-performance computing (HPC) resources, specifically for intensive engineering simulation projects?

DE has been following the evolution (or full-circle trip) of remote computing almost since the founding of the magazine; coverage ranges from “FEA (finite element analysis) Over the Web” DE March 2001 to “Cloud-Based Analysis: Silver Lining or White Fluff?”. Here we explore some possibly surprising approaches to mechanical and fluid simulations on-cloud.