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OEM Off Highway Magazine - Get to the root of NVH problems

article by Michelle EauClaire, OEM Off highway Editor

NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) is a common problem inherent to the base architecture of a vehicle. If it is ignored until the end of design, the tests run to find noise sources are only pinpointing “band-aids to put on the vehicle,” making the problem significantly harder to solve, says Steve Mattson, Chief Engineer at GLSV, Houghton, MI. Proper planning in the early stages of development can help address and mitigate noise and vibration issues. Factors to consider early in the process include adequately sizing a muffler; keeping in mind how air comes into and leaves a vehicle, and addressing noise control solutions on those penetrations; and considering the amount of room needed for a component or system to move around and isolating those significant forces.