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WEBINAR PowerFLOW 5.4 - Managing Soil and Water Effects During Vehicle Design

Event Date:
Thu, 06/08/2017

Cars drive on the open road, where everyday conditions like water and dirt can critically impact driver visibility and safety. But vehicle testing happens in wind tunnels, which can’t faithfully re-create the conditions that drivers find themselves in daily. This can compromise both vehicle performance and customer satisfaction.

Digital simulation with Exa enables OEMs to understand the impact of real-world driving conditions – including dirt, dust, water, and snow – on a vehicle’s design, well in advance of physical prototyping. Engineers can respond sooner with design improvements to key systems like braking, exterior shape, air intake, backup cameras and sensors, windshield wipers, and more.

Improving designs sooner ensures vehicle performance, safety, and customer satisfaction later – whatever the weather. Join us on June 8th at 10am for the webinar Managing Soil and Water Effects During Vehicle Designhosted by Exa product management, to learn more about this powerful new capability in PowerFLOW 5.4.