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How Tesla Uses Cost Effective CFD

Tesla Motors named after Nikola Tesla, an extraordinary scientist, is becoming a household name in electric cars.

The company came up with their first vehicle Tesla Roadster in 2006, followed by Model S and Model X. Model 3, was recently unveiled in March 2016 and received more than 325,000 reservations within a week. 

Cost-Effective CFD and computer simulations are being used more frequently in the automobile industry for the aerodynamic design of cars, and for reducing the cost and testing times of specialized components. The aerodynamic design of automobiles, focused on increasing the range and speed of the vehicles, greatly depends on reducing the drag coefficient (a dimensionless variable that is used to quantify the resistance of air or drag in the design of automobiles). The drag coefficient, among other things, depends greatly on the automobile geometry and can be smartly reduced by streamlining the external design.