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Yahoo Tech - Hidden design details that will make you want Tesla’s Model 3 even more

Hundreds of thousands of Tesla fans have been throwing money at the company to buy its cheapest electric car yet, securing their place in line to purchase the Model 3. Many of them preordered the car even before Tesla revealed its design and specs. In the meantime, almost everything is known about the Model 3 at this point, but a new report reveals hidden design details that might make Tesla’s new Model 3 one of the best electric cars money can buy in any price range. At least, for the time being. 

Tesla’s Model 3 has to have a smaller battery to be more affordable than other models, but that doesn’t mean it’ll have reduced range. Tesla already said that Model 3 should be able to travel over 215 miles on a single charge of a battery that’s smaller than 60 kWh. How is it possible? Aerodynamics.

Elon Musk also said that Model 3 will have a 0.21 Cd drag coefficient, which would make the car the most aerodynamic mass production car ever made, according to Electrek.