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ValueWalk - Tesla aiming for most aerodynamic mass-produced car

Tesla did the same thing with both the Model X and Model S, but it’s much more important to repeat this with the Model 3.

“The efficiency of having Tesla’s smallest battery pack maintain the promised 200 miles or more range means the Model 3 maintains its practicality and affordability—and that all comes down to aerodynamics,” says Jalopnik.

The automaker is using digital simulation tools supplied by Exa Corporation to design the Model 3, reveals Electrek. These tools let the electric carmaker virtually shape the aerodynamics of the car and also help in the challenge to achieve the target of a 0.21 drag coefficient. Exa’s VP of Ground Transportation Applications, Ales Alajbegovic, hinted at how Tesla is using their PowerFlow simulation software in the efficient design of the Model 3.