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Inside EVs - Tesla Model 3 Aerodynamics Explained but Exa's Digital Simulation Expert

Exa’s PowerFLOW digital simulation software is used by Tesla to design its cars. While the Exa corporation doesn’t actually see Tesla’s process, the company uses the same software to analyze the vehicles, and can provide valuable information.

In order for the Model 3 to hit its promised base price of $35,000, the battery pack will need to be smaller. This makes achieving the hopeful 215 mile range a challenge. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said the drag target is set to be extremely low, at 0.21 Cd. This is lower than the Model S that boasts 0.24.

As an example, when Tesla reduced the Model S Cd from 0.32 to 0.24, the range increased by 50 miles. Ales speculates that the 0.21 reduction could add another 10-20 miles of range.