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Exa Announces Breakthrough in Software for Detection and Elimination of Unwanted Noise Through Simulation

Exa® Corporation, a global innovator of simulation software for product engineering, today revealed its patent-pending FIND (Flow-Induced Noise Detection) capability within Exa PowerACOUSTICS. This integrated solution represents a critical advancement for Exa's existing aeroacoustic computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations by clearly pinpointing the origins of airflow-induced noise. Exa PowerFLOW® has long been the established leader in aeroacoustic simulations, but engineers have been challenged to unravel the complex turbulent flows in order to understand how to acoustically improve their designs by reducing the noise sources. Now the FIND software can analyze the fluid flow of a design and rank the different noise sources in order of importance, providing engineers with the insight they need. The noise generated can also be listened to before and after design modifications, so that the impact of any proposed improvements can be aurally assessed. Exa's solutions empower engineers to understand issues early in the development process. Product designs can then be improved in a digital environment, long before costly physical prototypes that provide no insight have been built.