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DesignNews - Advanced CAE Pinpoints HVAC System Noise, Helping Engineers Eliminate it

In computer-aided engineering, we are seeing a vast number of advanced predictive modeling tools dedicated to solving specific engineering requirements and assisting engineers who are not experts in those disciplines. In acoustical analysis targeting noise-reduction in cars, Exa Corp. has been looking to give auto engineers tools to examine flow-induced noise sources such as greenhouse or underbody wind noise, HVAC and blower noise, and noise from within exhaust systems.

The company’s PowerAcoustics and PowerFlow computational fluid dynamics analysis and simulation software are widely used in the design of automotive, aerospace, and rail systems, as well as other industries where noise reduction is crucial in order to meet customer or regulatory requirements. Exa says particularly that engineers have had difficulties unraveling complex turbulent air flows to home in on noise sources in HVAC systems which incorporate a blower, mixing unit, ducts, registers, and other elements.