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Automotive Testing Technology International - New Aeroacoustics Simulation Technology

New aeroacoustics simulation technology
Predicting flow-induced noise in vehicle components and systems is now possible using new technology from Exa Corporation

A revolutionary new technology developed by Exa Corporation enables clear indentification of the aeroacoustic noise sources in simulation. This patent-pending feature called FIND (flow-induced noise detection) is implemented within the Exa PowerAcoustics software.
“Previous methods were requiring a lot of training on how to extract the practical information from the flow results on where to modify the design in order to reduce noise,” says Franck Pérot, senior director of acoustic applications at Exa.
Engineers at Exa have implemented advanced algorithms, which can quantify each individual vortex in the flow. “We had to go back to the DNA of the flow-induced noise mechanism. Part of that is understanding and quantifying the dynamics of the turbulence, so that we can restructure the acoustic power radiated by these fundamental mechanisms,” Pérot explains.