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autoevolution - Model 3's 215 Miles Maximum Range Owes a Lot to Aerodynamics, and Here's Why

The Model 3 is both significantly smaller and lighter than the Model S, but these two aspects alone can't explain the extraordinary maximum range of 215 miles with a battery pack of no more than 60 kWh. There has to be something else at play.

As most of us already know, driving a car means constantly battling friction, whether it's inside the drivetrain and powertrain or with the surrounding air. Some people tend to ignore it, thinking it doesn’t make that big of a difference: as long as you have a powerful enough engine, it’s fine. Whoever has ever ridden a bicycle on a windy day with the gusts coming from the front, however, will happily disagree. The air friction is not something to be taken lightly if you’re after either speed or fuel efficiency.