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The world’s top oil and gas publications are writing about DigitalROCK cloud solution for virtual relative permeability measures from 3D rock scans. Read what organizations like JPT, World Oil, Upstream Technology, and Offshore have to say about DigitalROCK: 




BP calibrates Exa's DigitalRock Multi-year trials of computer tomographic permeability validates alternative to laboratory analysis.

Exa Corp.’s DigitalRock (DR) software was highlighted in a BP presentation at the 2017 SPE/ADIPECconference in Dubai.





"Calculating relative permeability from a digital rock sample" 


Next Big Step For Reservoir Modeling

For the first time, operators and drillers can leverage predictive computational software to assess relative permeability, which is used to accurately and efficiently assess reservoir output and rock formations. As a result, reservoir analysis time is reduced from up to 12 months to just a few days or weeks. David Freed, vice president of Exa Corp.’s oil and gas division, called the technology a huge disruption in the way downhill rock formations are valuated and how wells are drilled.  Read more

Exa’s Cloud Hosts Solution For Efficient Core Analysis

"Exa Corp announces that its DigitalROCK solution, the first predictive computational solver for relative permeability, is available on the cloud at". (Page 100)  Read more




Exa and BP—get relative permeability from a digital   rock sample (page 8)

"Exa Corporation has developed software together with BP to model flows of multiple fluids through a digital image of a physical rock sample, and so find the relative permeability, a critical factor in understanding the reservoir" (Page 8)  Read more

JPT: Need a Faster Measure of Relative Permeability? Take a CT Scan and Follow with Digital Rock Analysis

“Compared with methods used by traditional core labs, this approach significantly reduces the time and cost required, and offers the processing software in a form that could help broaden the use of this disruptive technology.” Read more>> BP Expands DigitalROCKS Technology – New software licensing agreement reached with Exa Corporation 

“BP’s proprietary digital rocks technology program is getting a key upgrade from a new multi-year commercial agreement with Exa Corporation, which will enhance BP’s ability to predict the flow of oil and water in digital images of reservoir rock.” Read more, and watch BP’s video on DigitalROCK technology >>


World Oil: BP Expands Digital Rocks Technology BP EXPANDS DIGITAL ROCKS TECHNOLOGY 

“This new capability, known as multiphase flow simulation technology, will help engineering teams to make more informed decisions on wells, production facilities and resource progression, including enhanced oil recovery.” Read more>>


Upstream Technology: Uncracking the code 

“New 3D multi-phase flow simulation technology makes it possible to predict the flow of both oil and water through rocks using only rotary sidewall cores.” Read more>>


OTC 2017: BP attains ‘holy grail’ of digital rock technology through new Exa agreement

“BP’s proprietary digital rocks technology program is getting a key upgrade from an agreement with Exa Corp., which will enhance BP’s ability to predict the flow of oil and water in digital images of reservoir rock.”
Read more>> Crunching Data for Multiphase Flow Modeling in Digital Rocks 

The digital rocks program is now in line for a key upgrade thanks to the recent inking of a multiyear software licensing agreement between BP and Exa Corp. The upgrade—known as multiphase fluid flow simulation technology—makes it possible to simulate the flow of oil and water in the digital images of BP’s reservoir rocks. Read more>>


E&P: BP Will Use Exa Corp.’s Digital Permeability Software 

“Joanne Fredrich, upstream technology senior adviser, said the software solution would be used across BP’s global portfolio, adding that the product was the result of a three-year collaborative development and testing effort.” Read more>>


Drilling Contractor: BP upgrades digital rocks program with multiphase flow simulation technology

“The company’s partnership with Exa Corporation has resulted in an improvement to BP’s digital rocks software that allows the operator to analyze both the static and dynamic properties of reservoir rock.”
Read more>>


Nasdaq: Exa and BP sign multi-year commercial agreement for Exa DigitalROCK relative permeability simulation technology  

“Predictive simulation of relative permeability from a digital scan of a rock sample is now a reality for oil exploration and production companies globally.” Read more>> 

























































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