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Brake Duty Cycle Simulation: Bentley Motors

Simulation tools can be used to predict the excessive temperature reached during successive braking event. After visualizing the complex flow field over the brake system and analyzing the heat transfer from brake system, simulations can be employed at the early design stage to optimize the design for more airflow over brake discs thus reducing the high temperatures and associated brake fade.

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Truck Drum Brake Cooling: FAW

Sharp rises in temperature during brake application under heavy loads could present a risk to truck drum brakes, which differ significantly from the disk brakes on passenger cars. This SAE technical paper, including FAW and the SIMULIA PowerFLOW team, studied the close correlation between digital simulation and physical experimentation to evaluate the cool-down of truck drum brakes under extreme conditions.

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Brake Dust Deposition: JLR

The application of brakes on a vehicle leads to the generation of a cloud of heated particles ejected from brake discs and pads, which can be entrained by the flow around the wheels and deposited on their surfaces.  Under some circumstances, this may be considered inconvenient or unsightly.

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Brake Cooling

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