Greenhouse Wind Noise

Greenhouse Wind Noise

How Seeing Sound Helps Reduce Wind Noise

JD power ranks wind noise among the top 10 customer complaints in studies of initial vehicle quality. But waiting until late-stage prototype testing to find and address wind noise issues is costly, time-consuming, and can result in subpar solutions that negatively impact other program goals like vehicle weight and fuel economy.

There’s a better way. With SIMULIA PowerFLOW solutions, early, simulation-driven design improvements can reduce wind noise by applying real-world conditions to 3D geometry. “See” and hear the sound to evaluate acoustic forces at the passengers’ ears and introduce innovative wind noise solutions while the design is still in work and changes are easier to make. In-use today by major vehicle OEMs worldwide, the SIMULIA PowerFLOW simulation solution simultaneously evaluates acoustic, aerodynamic, and thermal impacts on 3D designs to introduce design solutions and ensure all program goals are met. ​

Accurately predict the noise caused by a vehicle’s exterior shape
Easily visualize complex transient flows to reduce their impact
Hear the sound at passengers’ ears to ensure comfort and quality

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