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A CFD/SEA Approach for Prediction of Vehicle Interior Noise due to Wind Noise: BMW Group

Design optimization and early detection of issues related to aeroacoustics remain mainly an experimental art implying high cost prototypes, expensive wind tunnel sessions, and potentially late design changes. To reduce the associated costs as well as development times, there is strong motivation for the development of a reliable numerical prediction capability.



Investigation of Statistical Properties of Pressure Loadings on Real Automotive Side Glasses: PSA

In modern vehicles, aerodynamic noise is now the major source of annoyance at highway speeds and for frequencies higher than 400 Hz. The origin of the aerodynamic noise in the cabin is the flow around the vehicle particularly in the neighborhood of the side glass.



A Computational Approach to Evaluate the Automotive Windscreen Wiper Placement Options Early in the Design Process: JLR

This paper presents the use of this computational approach to predict the vehicle interior noise from the windshield wipers, so that different wiper placement options can be evaluated early in the design process before the surface is frozen. In this study, this approach is applied on a production vehicle to predict the interior noise contribution for wipers on and off configurations and validated against wind tunnel test measurements.

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