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WEBINAR PowerFLOW 5.4 - Simulating Rotating Tires

Event Date:
Thu, 06/15/2017

Expressions of driver individuality happen where the rubber meets the road: literally. Tire tread patterns and unique wheel designs offer a subtle statement that can make a big difference in vehicle aerodynamics.

How big is that difference? Up to 20-30% of a vehicle’s aerodynamic drag can be attributed to the wheels. Join the Exa webinar, Simulating Rotating Tires with PowerFLOW 5.4 on Thursday, June 15 at 10 AM EST to learn how simulation-driven design in Exa evaluates the real-world effects of rotating tire and wheel geometry on a design’s performance to help our customers overcome these common aerodynamic challenges:

  • Tires and wheels create a complex flow field that can create unexpected sources of drag;
  • They come in myriad different patterns, resulting in a huge number of combinations to test; and
  •  Under WLTP – a new, worldwide regulation that raises standards for predicting on-road fuel economy to ensure that the sticker’s promise matches the driver’s experience – OEMs will be required to certify all combinations of wheels and tires sold for every vehicle