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WEBINAR PowerFLOW 5.4 - Simulating Interior Defrost

Event Date:
Thu, 06/29/2017

Vehicle safety in cold weather relies on clear visibility. But the interior defrost process can use a lot of energy, counteracting today’s trends toward vehicle efficiency and even improved EV range. Testing the success of systems related to interior defrost typically has to wait until the vehicle prototype phase, but discovering design failures now means it may be too late to correct them.

Only digital simulation can test safety-critical processes like interior defrost during the 3D design phase. Join the Webinar, Simulating Interior Defrost with PowerFLOW 5.4, on Thursday, June 29th at 10 AM EST to learn how Exa’s solution for interior defrost – part of its Climate Control solutions suite – can analyze the impact on visibility, driver safety, and energy consumption using digital simulation. Learn how new features in PowerFLOW 5.4:

  •  Re-create complex interactions between thermal forces, airflow, and finely detailed geometry
  •  Simulate frost pattern and thickness inside the vehicle to improve performance
  •  Compare the effects of multiple design choices side-by-side
  •  Display photo-realistic animations of the process over time to explore driver experience