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Simulation Solutions to Greenhouse Wind Noise

Customer experience, brand loyalty, and even sales can all be impacted by consumers’ perception of vehicle quality – and wind noise is one of the top complaints in studies of initial quality. Why is it so hard to address? Physical prototype testing to assess wind noise often happen too late in the development process to make a meaningful impact on a vehicle’s design without setting back timelines, budgets, and other program goals like weight and fuel economy.

That’s why more OEMs are adopting simulation-driven design to discover innovative solutions to greenhouse wind noise. Read how the SIMULIA PowerFLOW solution accurately predicts the noise created by a vehicle’s exterior shape so OEMs can hear the sound at passengers’ ears before a prototype is ever produced, visualize the forces creating unwanted noise, and evaluate design improvements by comparing before and after results to discover the right combination of styling and interior sound.


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Greenhouse Wind Noise

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