Dirt and Water Deposition

Dirt and Water Deposition

Tiny Particles … Big Impact

A dirty vehicle is more than just an eyesore. Dirt and water deposition can impact safety -- obstructing operator visibility, back-up cameras, and driver-assist features. Throughout vehicle development, design targets like lift and drag usually take priority to cleanliness, but aerodynamic improvements can actually increase rear face soiling – which can reduce customer satisfaction and even vehicle safety.

SIMULIA PowerFLOW simulates the realistic behavior of contaminants like dirt, dust, water spray, and ice as they interact with aerodynamic structures, vehicle surfaces, and complex, moving geometry including tire treads and wheels. Digital simulation used early-on in design can help prevent late-stage issues that impact customers, which can require sweeping changes to vehicle shape and aerodynamics that often set back launch schedules and budgets. By simulating dirt deposition, designers can improve aerodynamics and soiling simultaneously, ensuring both customer satisfaction and vehicle performance.

Simulates millions of particles moving through highly transient flows
Supports brake system design including brake dust and wetting
Re-creates on road conditions: rain, wind, and wheel spray from traffic
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