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Automotive Testing: Exa’s five tips for a successful electric vehicle development program – “Don’t build prototypes: expensive and lacking insight, physical prototype testing gives you the ‘what’ but not the ‘why’, and often too late to make significant product changes.” – Read more.

Forbes: Electric car design tricks that make them go farther. – “Every detail matters when you’re trying to achieve minimal drag, and by looking at some recent EV models we can see how carmakers are currently approaching the aerodynamic challenge.” – Read more.

Tesla Electric Vehicle Aerodynamic Simulation

Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics (with Jaguar Land Rover): Simulation of rear surface contamination of a simple bluff body. “Predicting the accumulation of material on the rear surfaces of square-backed cars is important to vehicle manufacturers, as this progressively compromises rear vision, vehicle visibility and aesthetics. It also reduces the effectiveness of rear mounted cameras.” – Read more.

SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars – Mechanical Systems (with Jaguar Land Rover): Simulation of rear and body side vehicle soiling by road sprays using transient particle tracking. “One of the areas where simulation can be particularly useful is in the prediction of soiling due to wheel spray.” – Read more.


MIRA International Conference on Vehicle Aerodynamics (presented with Jaguar Land Rover): The Simulation of Brake Dust Deposition. “As  customer  expectations  of  premium  automotive  product  rise  and  the  need  to optimise wheel design for aerodynamics becomes more pressing, it is important to have a virtual toolset available that can assess brake dust deposition alongside brake heating and wheel system drag.” – Read more.



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