WHITEPAPER: Improve Thermal Management With Simulation Software

Improve Thermal Management With Simulation Software

Overcome the Challenges of Managing Thermal Transients 

For thermal engineers, one of the most challenging aspects in designing a vehicle is not necessarily when the car is running, it’s how to manage thermal transients after the vehicle has stopped running, often referred to as “key-off” and “soak” conditions.

As government regulations for fuel economy and emissions increase and consumers demand faster, lighter, more efficient cars, every detail matters. In order to meet deadlines, regulatory specifications and stay competitive, many automakers are rethinking their design processes and turning to simulation software solutions.

During the key-off and soak, the underhood surface temperatures typically increase since there is little cooling airflow (as opposed to when the vehicle is running). Rising surface temperatures increases the risk of underhood component damage, part failures and even fires. It’s vital for thermal engineers to identify (and mitigate) peak underhood temperatures. However, engineers must optimize and mitigate within the competing demands of vehicle safety, packaging, aesthetic design and performance.

There are limitations with traditional testing; not only are they time-intensive and expensive, it also often comes too late in the design process to have an impact.

SIMULIA PowerFLOW simulation software enables thermal engineers to accurately predict a vehicle’s underhood temperature during key-off and soak early in the design cycle when design changes are more easily accommodated and before physical prototypes are built. These simulations, coupled with the ability to visualize the flow and component temperatures, help thermal engineers gain insight on how to improve vehicle designs and propose and analyze new designs faster and more cost-effectively.

Download this white paper to learn more about the challenges thermal engineers face of key-off and soak exhaust system design and how SIMULIA's solution (SIMULIA PowerFLOW and SIMULIA PowerTHERM) gives engineers the insights necessary to improve design early in the process.


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