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Design Engineering - Aerodynamic Optimization: Automotive Engineering’s Next Strategic Frontier

With the unprecedented demands on today’s vehicle engineering organizations, automakers face a daunting challenge to reach their next targets for aerodynamics drag using traditional tools and methods. Trial-and-error development using wind tunnel testing achieved a coefficient of drag of 0.3. Introducing digital simulation to sequentially improve designs brought CD down to 0.24 for today’s best performing cars. But most companies have the next target set to 0.2.

TopSpeed -Exa Corporation Unveils Ligier JS P3 Le Mans Prototype 3

The new LMP3 class is beginning to take shape, with several chassis manufacturers getting in on the action. The latest is Ligier along with simulation softwarecompany Exa Corporation, which introduced its new JS P3 LMP3-class racer this week at Le Mans.  Ligier adds its name to the roster of Ginetta and LAS Motorsport, who are among the manufacturers already committed to LMP3.

Sports Car Illustrated - Exa and Onroak Automotive unveil new LMP3 sports prototype

Exa Corporation and Onroak Automotive, unveiled an all-new LMP3 sports prototype racing car at Le Mans.  Ligier JS P3, the new LIGIER has been conceived to compete in the Automobile Club de l’Ouest’s new Le Mans Prototype 3 (LMP3) category which gives teams and drivers a new entry point into Le Mans-style endurance racing.The Ligier JS P3 was designed using Exa’s PowerFLOW simulation software to optimize its aerodynamics, as well as maximize cabin comfort and cool both the engine and brakes with new levels of efficiency. - Onroak stellt neuen LMP3-Ligier vor

( - Ginetta bekommt bald weitere Konkurrenz auf dem Markt für Fahrzeugeder neuen LMP3-Klasse. Zwei Tage nach der Vorstellung eines entsprechenden Projekts des Münchener Unternehmens Adess, hat nun Onroak ein fertig produziertes Auto in Le Mans präsentiert. Der neue Ligier JS P3, der unter anderem mit Hilfe der amerikanischen CFD-Spezialisten Exa entworfen wurde, soll in der kommenden Woche in ein intensives Testprogramm gehen. - Ligier JS P3 Unveiled at Le Mans

The latest Ligier-branded sports prototype, the Ligier JS P3, has been revealed today at Le Mans.

Part of the ongoing partnership between Onroak Automotive and Ligier, the Ligier JS P3 will be eligible for the ACO’s cost-cutting LMP3 category.

Onroak Automotive president Jacques Nicolet and Ligier founder Guy Ligier were on hand to publicly present the first chassis at Circuit de la Sarthe.

PlanetLeMans - Official presentation of the LIgier JS P3

Today, on the 11th of June 2015, in the heart of the paddock of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Guy Ligier, founder of the Ligier brand, and Jacques Nicolet, President of Onroak Automotive, have unveiled the Ligier JS P3. This new LM P3 sport-prototype designed by the French manufacturer’s Design Office, doesn’t hide its kinship with the Ligier JS P2 and immediately seduced the wide audience of journalists and guests. - All-New Ligier JS P3 Racecar unveiled

Exa(R) Corporation of Burlington, MA and French client Onroak Automotive, unveiled their all-new LMP3 sports prototype racing car today at Le Mans. Dubber Ligier JS P3, the new LIGIER has been developed to compete in the Automobile Club de l'Ouest's new Le Mans Prototype 3 (LMP3) category which gives teams and drivers a new entry point into Le Mans-style endurance racing.

Automotive World - US Truck Industry Prepares for GHG Phase II: Automotive Megatrends -subscriber only access

In February 2014, President Obama called for new heavy duty (HD) truck emissions standards. A draft of the proposed Phase II greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel economy rule is expected to be published in June 2015. After a period of consultation, the final Phase II rule will be published in 2016.

Automotive World spoke to key truck industry stakeholders to gauge their views on the longer-term implications of a tightening of the current GHG standards.

Exa Helps Clients Gain Powerful Design Insights from Big Data

Exa Corporation , the leading innovator of simulation software for product design and engineering, today launched an upgrade to its results generation, analysis and reporting program, PowerINSIGHT®. This completely revised software allows users to optimize product performance early in the development process by automating the analysis and sharing of simulation results — fostering improved collaboration between engineering and design teams.

CFD Optimization for Efficient Aerodynamics and More Beautiful Styling

Compared to the current NEDC test, which was developed over 30 years ago, the importance of aerodynamics will rise with the new WLTP proposed for implementation from 2017. The WLTP will put more emphasis on real-world higher-speed driving in order to improve fuel economy. For truly accurate and insightful results, not all the work can be undertaken in a wind tunnel. Instead, aerodynamic modelling, like for the Jaguar XE, can be achieved entirely through simulation-driven design with CFD software tools from Exa Corporation.

Automotive News - Designers Use New Tricks, and the Wind Tunnel

Ford's big, bruising Atlas Concept pickup displayed at the 2013 Detroit auto show showcased advanced aerodynamic features. 

Its active wheel shutters closed at highway speeds to seal gaps between spokes, reducing wind turbulence around the wheels and tires. And its front air dam raised and lowered at different speeds to improve underbody airflow.

GOEVGO - See a Tesla Model S rendered in a ‘digital wind tunnel’ (w/videos)

The Tesla Model S electric car has one of the lowest drag coefficients of any vehicle currently in production, which helps it make the most of each battery charge.

Part of what allowed engineers pull that off is a rendering program called PowerFLOW, made by Exa Corporation. According to Teslarati, the software essentially creates a “digital wind tunnel” that allows engineers to see airflow and make adjustments more easily.

Design Engineering - Exa Corporation Announces ExaCLOUD

Exa Corporation a provider of simulation software, has released the ExaCLOUD, providing customers access to the company’s full suite of simulation software through a Web interface.

This new product, according to the company, offers a scalable, high-performance computing environment. It also provides a way for engineering teams and companies to handle outstanding simulation needs without investing in infrastructure.

Hometown Life - Livonia Company Shows off Aerodynamic Simulations

When it comes to building aerodynamic vehicles, most car companies have needed to build several models to test in wind tunnels and other conditions. But using technology from one company located in Livonia may make those test models less needed.

Exa, a company headquartered in Burlington, Mass., and which has an office in Livonia, demonstrated its cloud-based technology this week at the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center in Detroit.