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Mark Gleason | Automotive Aerodynamics Expert and Former Chrysler Director

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Defrost simulation
EV Aerodynamic Design Q&A
EV Aerodynamic Design
PowerFLOW 5.5: Innovation through Simulation

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  • As part of traditional product development, car manufacturers build a fleet of pre-production vehicles in special facilities, incurring a huge level of cost – easily in excess of $1 million per...
  • Lithium-ion batteries are like humans – they don’t like to be too cold and they don’t like to be too hot. Achieving this equilibrium creates a problem for manufacturers working on...
  • A major theme, common to a number of manufacturers, at this year’s Geneva Motor Show was the continuing popularity of halo performance editions. Cars like the Ford GT supercar, Ford Focus RS,...
  • Emission regulations are changing in a way that is going to have huge impact on car manufacturers. The Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP) are scheduled to replace the current...