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Mark Gleason | Automotive Aerodynamics Expert and Former Chrysler Director

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Defrost simulation
EV Aerodynamic Design Q&A
EV Aerodynamic Design
PowerFLOW 5.5: Innovation through Simulation

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  • In his ‘Confessions of a Capital Junkie’, Head of Fiat-Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, paints the picture of an industry that increasingly struggles to make money. But the idea that car...
  • It’s been a three and a half year tease from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but many will say it’s been worth the wait as the Model X was unveiled last night at the company’s...
  • Makers love SUVs because they’re a global phenomenon. The same car will be snapped up in Milwaukee, Milan or Nanjing with comparatively few changes. The resulting economies of scale are great...
  • Automakers are spending millions on technology-rich smart cars
    One of the amusements when holidaying in exotic countries has always been (for petrolheads anyway) spotting local versions of cars that the maker has long since stopped selling in your home market....