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Mark Gleason | Automotive Aerodynamics Expert and Former Chrysler Director

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Defrost simulation
EV Aerodynamic Design Q&A
EV Aerodynamic Design
PowerFLOW 5.5: Innovation through Simulation

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  • By Robert Powell Off-highway equipment challenges manufacturers to find new ways to reduce product noise. In addition to improving performance, efficiency and value in new designs, manufacturers...
  • By Adrien Mann If you’ve been in a new car lately, you know that automotive OEMs are focused on reducing noise from sources like the engine, wind, and rolling. This means that drivers and...
  • Underhood Airflow
    Overheating could cause permanent damages to engines. Oversized radiators are usually used to ensure that engines could be cooled down in time, on the track. On the other hand, we want to minimize...
  • For a typical car driving at highway speeds, about 50% of the energy is spent to overcome the aerodynamic drag and the other 50% is required to overcome the mechanical losses (engine, transmission,...