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Thermal Key-Off & Soak

Thermal Key-Off & Soak

Mitigating risks to vehicle safety and performance shouldn't have to wait for physical testing. One such risk can result during "key off and soak", when vehicle temperatures peak because key and fans are shut off and the cooling airflow from normal operation stops. Residual heat from the engine can threaten components, materials, and even operator safety. Waiting for the expensive prototype testing phase to understand the impact of thermal soak can lead to scheduling and cost overruns because designs are so hard to change this late in the product lifecycle. 

Simulations that leverage SIMULIA PowerFLOW® and SIMULIA PowerTHERM® empower thermal engineers to accurately predict a vehicle’s underhood temperature during key-off and soak early in the product lifecycle, when design changes are more easily accommodated and long before costly physical prototypes are built. These simulations, coupled with the ability to visualize the flow and component temperatures, help thermal engineers gain insight into ways to improve the vehicle design, target sources of potential issues, and analyze new design options faster and more easily.
Accurately predict thermal key-off and soak behavior
Evaluate thermal efficiency early in the design process
Reduce warranty and recall expenses through improved vehicle quality
See how Exa can address complex vehicle thermal soak conditions once the engine is turned off.
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