DigitalROCK Resources

DigitalROCK Resources

The Virtual Core Analysis Lab

In the oil and gas industry, measures of absolute and relative permeability are critical to helping reservoir engineers and asset managers optimize production. But traditional lab tests can require costly, whole-core samples and take months or even a year to complete. Results often lack accuracy and consistency, adding uncertainty and risk to these important decisions.

By providing accurate, reproducible data faster, SIMULIA’s DigitalROCK™ solution offers an alternative to physical testing. DigitalROCK uses high-resolution digital images of rock samples to simulate and analyze essential, flow-related properties, including absolute and relative permeability. Validated with industry partners both for academic test cases and real rock samples, multi-phase relative permeability analysis is available digitally for the first time ever – with results dramatically accelerated from months to days. Achieving fast, repeatable results more cost-effectively helps to increase throughput for critical analyses: providing more data, and better data, faster to support reservoir management.  

Leverage a fast, cost-effective, and reproducible alternative to physical lab testing
Assess the potential for EOR, production, stimulation, and completion
Work with even a small rock sample; whole core is not required

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