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Exa and BP sign Multi-Year Commercial Agreement for Exa DigitalROCK Relative Permeability Simulation Technology

As a result of three years of cooperative research and validation, Exa is now bringing to market the first predictive computational solver for relative permeability, a goal that has long been elusive for the oil and gas industry.  This new capability will help engineering teams make more informed decisions on wells, production facilities and resource progression, including enhanced oil recovery.

OTC 2017 - BP attains ‘holy grail’ of digital rock technology through new Exa agreement

BP's proprietary digital rocks technology program is getting a key upgrade from an agreement with Exa Corp., which will enhance BP’s ability to predict the flow of oil and water in digital images of reservoir rock.

The multi-year commercial agreement is for Exa’s DigitalROCK relative permeability software solution based on the company’s multi-phase fluid flow simulation technology.

MTZ - Denso/Exa - Validierte Simulationsdatenbank (print only)

Mit einer digitalen Simulationsplattform von Exa will Denso eine validierte PowerFlow-Simulalionsdaten­bank seiner lhermischen Produkle schaffen. Sie soil aulorisierten Pkw- und Nulzfahrzeugkunden angebo­ten werden und diesen ermoglichen, die Technik und die Komponenten von Denso frOhzeitig im Entwick­lungsprozess zu simulieren und zu inlegrieren. Dami! wird die bisherige Praxis ersetzt, bei dem Komponen­ten der Zulieferer viel spaler im Enlwicklungszyklus ausgewahll und geleslet werden. 

IMechE - Carmakers face big fines from EU over emissions

A study has revealed that several carmakers are likely to incur fines of hundreds of millions of euros by missing EU-mandated emissions reduction targets.

According to an analysis by PA Consulting Group, five European car firms will miss the targets set by the EU, which require new car fleets to not emit more than an average of 95g of CO2 per kilometre.

Car and Driver - Explained: That Weird Throbbing When You Open One Car Window

It can be as loud as standing alongside a Boeing 767 at takeoff. And it’s about as irritating as having someone thumping on a bass drum in the back seat. Whether you call it wind throb or buffeting or just plain annoying, it happens when someone in the car opens a single window at speed and it stops when a second window rolls down.

SMMT - Feature: How CFD simulation is driving efficiency

Fuel-consumption targets and emissions legislation, combined with the relative maturity of engine and bodyshape designs, are forcing commercial-vehicle manufacturers to find innovative new ways to improve the efficiency of their vehicles – and one of the latest technological developments in their armoury is digital simulation.

Indeed, testing systems in a virtual environment is now a key tool in the development of more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles.

Heise Auto - Aerodynamik-Simulation im Fahrzeugbau

Seit wir leistungsfähige Computer nebst entsprechender Mathematik haben, helfen uns Simulationen, unsere Welt vom ganz Großen bis ins Kleinste besser zu verstehen. Wenn wir "Simulation" hören, ordnen wir den Begriff schnell ein zu "das zweitbeste nach Realität", weil es unserer Lebenswelt entspricht. Motorradfahren. Sex. Fußballstadion. In vielen Bereichen jedoch hat sich die Simulation als der Realität weit überlegen gezeigt. Manchmal kann man die Realität nicht so zum Experiment gestalten, dass wir sinnvolle Ergebnisse erhalten.


Since the recent Tata-funded Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) rebirth, Jaguar has had its chance to shine with XE, XF and F-Pace; Range Rover had its starring role with both Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs; and now its Land Rover's turn with the all-new much light, tech laden and more luxurious Discovery.

Exa and ESTECO Partner to Offer Optimization Capabilities in the Cloud

BURLINGTON, Mass., Oct. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exa® Corporation, a global innovator in simulation software for product engineering, is now offering full optimization capabilities on ExaCLOUD® through the integration of PowerFLOW® and modeFRONTIER by ESTECO. ExaCLOUD is a scalable, secure, SaaS environment which provides access to Exa’s full suite of simulation software on tens of thousands of high-performance computing (HPC) cores – all through a web interface.

Automotive World - Scope for simulation broadens in next-gen vehicle design

Simulation tools are being used to create innovative solutions in vehicle design, improving both practicality and fuel efficiency. By Michael Nash

At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) showcased its new Discovery – a seven-seater SUV that will go on sale in spring 2017. It includes a number of striking design choices, like the lightweight aluminium construction that saves 480kg and is a key contributor in reducing CO2 emissions by 22% compared to the previous generation.  (subscription required)

The new Land Rover Discovery (2017) is a feat of virtual engineering

This year’s Paris Motor Show was full of superfast concept cars and innovative technology, but the Land Rover Discovery was still one of the most important cars unveiled in the French capital last week. Although it looks pretty conventional on the outside, it was developed using sophisticated simulation technology that you’d usually associate with F1.

BBC - How car design has gone virtual

In the past, cars were built almost by a process of trial and error. You built a prototype, then tested it to find out what worked and what didn't. Nowadays, much of this work is done by computers. 

Theo Leggett has been talking to Stephen Remondi, chief executive of Exa Corporation, to see how 3D simulations are being used by designers to refine their work in the virtual world before a single car panel has been built in the real one.

SAE International - Aero-slick Land Rover Discovery sheds 1,058 lb, gains features

JaguarLandRover engineers continue to achieve significant vehicle mass reductions, this time with the new generation Land Rover Discovery. Shifting to aluminum construction for the bodyshell instead of steel and complemented by an intensive light weighting program for the whole car, has yielded a remarkable 480 kg (1,058 lb) saved compared with the previous model. This exceeds even the 420kg (925 lb) reduction of the Range Rover in 2012 when it was switched to an aluminum-intensive architecture. - The Ligier JS P217 unveiled at Spa by Onroak Automotive

Onroak Automotive a dévoilé ce vendredi à Spa la Ligier JS P217 qui arpentera les circuits du monde entier dès la saison 2017.

Le prototype français propulsé par le moteur V8 de chez Gibson sera éligible en FIA WEC, en ELMS, en IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship ainsi qu’en Asian Le Mans Series. Le châssis de Onroak Automotive fait partie des quatre sélectionnés par l’ACO, la FIA et l’IMSA répondant au nouveau règlement de la catégorie LMP2 qui entrera en vigueur en 2017.

3D CAD World - Move from wind tunnel testing to simulation-driven design offers typical automakers more than 500% ROI

Moving from wind tunnel testing of physical prototypes to simulation-driven design processes can offer typical automotive OEMs more than 500% ROI (return on investment), according to research from Tufts University’s Gordon Institute for engineering management.

Automotive Supply Chain - Designing Trucks for Platooning

Platooning improves fuel economy by at least 10% and Exa simulations calculate optimum distance as 30 feet, with added potential new economy available by booking best slot in platoon.

If Tesla wants its planned electric truck to come with enough range acceptable to haulage fleets, it might need to accelerate research into platooning. Platooning is when smart trucks connect digitally to travel in close convoy, in order to improve overall fuel economy.

Automotive Engineer - Exa's technical director, Kevin Golsch, explains how simulation is helping to improve efficiency in truck platooning

“If Tesla wants its planned electric truck to come with enough range acceptable to haulage fleets, it might need to accelerate research into platooning. Platooning is when smart trucks connect digitally to travel in close convoy, in order to improve overall fuel economy.

Automobil Konstruktion - Simulation statt Klimawindkanaltest

Das heutige Infotainmentsystem ist das Gehirn eines modernen Fahrzeugs, das dem Fahrer wichtige Informationen über den Betriebszustand und das Umfeld zur Verfügung stellt. Es hilft dem Fahrer, ans gewünschte Ziel zu navigieren und dabei das Fahrzeug sicher zu bewegen. Aufgrund des hohen Kühlungsbedarfs, den die komplexe Elektronik insbesondere in heißen Klimazonen hat, erfordert dieses kritische System zusätzliche Aufmerksamkeit im Hinblick auf das Wärmemanagement.