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The Wall Street Journal - That Vibrating ‘Wub Wub Wub’ That Comes From Cracking One Car Window? It’s Not Just You!

From sports cars to sedans, drivers battle the ‘wub wub wub’; not a flat

Charles Brownstein’s annoyance with the “throbbing noise” that invades the cockpit of his Porsche 911 at high speeds became so intense that he turned to an orange juice bottle for relief.

Like millions of car drivers, including those with humbler vehicles, Mr. Brownstein couldn’t handle the oppressive “wub wub wub” head-exploding sensation when certain windows are rolled down. He fixed a makeshift deflector—made of sturdy plastic cut from the side of a Tropicana juice container—to the sports car’s front window frame, which did just enough to divert air from crashing into the cabin.

“I like to solve problems,” said Mr. Brownstein, of Bethesda, Md., noting he has a “working knowledge” of aerodynamics from racing even though he isn’t an engineer.