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fudzilla - Tesla Model 3 is most aerodynamic, mass-production car ever made

Lack of front grille was intentional choice to achieve 0.21 Cd drag

Tesla's recently announced, much more affordable Model 3 midsize sedan will not become available to the public until Q4 2017, but a critical design specification that many outlets have not mentioned so far is the vehicle's exceptional aerodynamic efficiency rating. Ales Alajbegovic, Vice President of Exa’s ground transportation applications, recently shared his opinion on the vehicle's design attributes and how they influence the car's aerodynamic performance. 

Exa is an automotive emissions testing company based in Burlington, Massachusetts with experience in developing and distributing simulation software for auto engineers. The company has been around since November 1991 and focuses some of its major efforts on its PowerFLOW software, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) suite that accurately predicts real-world driving simulations to evaluate a vehicle performance's during early design phases. The company also has an industry-leading catalog of other simulation tools including thermal management, heat transfer simulation, CAD model preparation, design schedule analysis, acoustics analysis and others on its overview page.