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Mark Gleason | Automotive Aerodynamics Expert and Former Chrysler Director

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EV Aerodynamic Design
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  •   Recently, the Wall Street Journal described the good times the auto industry is having in 2014. 16M units? That's really gonna be sumthin'. Remember 2009? The restructuring?...
  •   You know that old saying, "Close but no cigar?" That's how we felt after reading Car & Driver's first-ever aerodynamic "comparo." (You just gotta love the...
  •   Recently, Volkswagen's design boss, Walter De Silva, talked about some of the unfortunate choices that fuel economy requirements impose on design in an interview with Automotive...
  •   I have always been passionate about cars and car design ....but at my core I am an engineer and it is in my nature to solve problems; to fix what's broken, to care about the process and to...