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Mark Gleason | Automotive Aerodynamics Expert and Former Chrysler Director

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EV Aerodynamic Design Q&A
EV Aerodynamic Design
PowerFLOW 5.5: Innovation through Simulation
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  • Quest-for-Quiet-Exa-ATZ
    By Vincent Le Goff In the automotive industry, it’s not what you hear – it’s what you don’t hear – that matters the most to vehicle safety and comfort. Advancements in aeroacoustics have helped...
  • Quiet Comfort
    Quiet Comfort: Acoustic Simulation to Resolve Fan Coil Cassette Unit NoiseBy Mohammed MeskineLook up and you might be able to spot a fan coil cassette unit: an active comfort unit integrated into the...
  • Thermal Management for Heavy Vehicles with Exa
    Keeping Their Cool: Simulation-Based Thermal Design for Construction Vehicles by Dave Mukutmoni With their low velocity operation, frequent idle states, and increasing use of onboard...
  • By Robert Powell Off-highway equipment challenges manufacturers to find new ways to reduce product noise. In addition to improving performance, efficiency and value in new designs, manufacturers...